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Outfitting Builders: The Ultimate Guide to Construction Workwear Essentials

Outfitting Builders: The Ultimate Guide to Construction Workwear Essentials

Get Kitted Out: Choosing the Best Construction Kit for Maximum Performance

A builder needs a variety of essentials ranging from bodywarmers to PPE which would include safety boots. Well built clothing and ppe for a pretty tough industry in terms of materials used by builders. From demolition to building houses, tough gear is needed to handle the environment.

Construction sites are challenging environments where health and safety should always be at the forefront of any plan. Proper attire and ppe not only protects workers from potential hazards but gives you peace of mind that your ready to handle jobs that come your way. In this guide, we'll explore the essential attire and ppe for builders, ensuring you're geared up and ready.

Safety Helmets

When it comes to head protection, then the obvious choice is a safety helmet. If you work in construction, material handling, mining or sandblasting its best to look for a helmet that's light weight resulting in reducing wearer fatigue over prolonged periods of use. Also needs to be durable and have excellent impact resistance to withstand any potential falling debris or objects like wooden beams. Should conforms to EN397 as a minimum standard. You also need to consider a helmet with a good ventilation system to keep you sweat free while you keep an eye on the job. In terms of design and colour, that will be your own preference, however white coloured helmets are most popular, and designs vary from wheel ratchet or slip ratchet fastening, if you're also looking for face protection from chemicals then face shields style helmets with visors are the ones to go for. For the construction material of the outer shell choose a high density UV resistant polypropylene that can withstand tough environments.

Safety Boots

A very important part of the builders kit is about keeping your feet safe from bricks and large pieces of solid concrete falling on them by wearing steel cap boots. Steel toe caps offer vital protection against knocks, drops and impacts from building materials. Opt for a premium leather outer which will help with breathability of the shoe alongside comfort which is also a key factor, the more comfortable the more you can have an efficient work day. Go for a membrane which is waterproof and windproof to withstand wet rainy and windy days.

safety boots

Multi Tool Holster Trousers

Every builder needs a pair of construction pants with the holster feature that keeps tools by your side. The holster is a super smart feature that can carry hand tools making it easy for any builder to access his most popular and regularly used hand tool. There are many builders workwear trousers available on the market with many features, but we recommend going for Ripstop work pants with a holster pocket and the reinforced knee pad compartment styles. Ripstop refers to a type of weave in a twill material which has small squares, weaved in a way which makes the fabric from being ripped further and makes the material durable. 

holster work trousers

Hooded Sweatshirt 

Every builder needs a good hoodie that's durable and has reflective bands that keep you safe and seen around any building site. Go for a sweatshirt with a nice soft inner fleece in a cotton blend that will keep you warm on cold days and also cool and breathable on not so warm days. Hi vis orange hoodies are recommend for a out door construction site, and for indoors go for yellow hi vis hoodies.

orange hi vis hooded sweatshirt


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