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5 Essential Features Every Builder Needs in Their Work Trousers

5 Essential Features Every Builder Needs in Their Work Trousers

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Builders Work Trousers

Key essential features that every builder should look for when selecting their trusty workwear pants.

Holster Pockets

First things first, a holster pocket for keeping your tools at your fingertips, basically its a tool belt in fabric form. A very handy type of pocket that you will certainly grow to love, due its practical help it offers by hosting tools like screwdrivers, small spirit level,  pliers and hammer. From tightening screws to making sure surfaces are perfectly and absolutely level, these tools are your best friend for achieving professional-grade results, and having them right where you need them is going to make your job a lot easier on the day.

Technical Fabric Choices

When it comes to a builders work trouser, durability is high up on the agenda. After all, builders need pants that can withstand the rips and cuts that can occur from building materials on site. Go for hard wearing trousers made from materials such as cotton/polyester twill fabric with a twill weave which has a slightly ribbed texture and diagonal lines. 

Knee Pads Insert Compartment

Navigating uneven terrain, working on abrasive rough surfaces, or kneeling for very long periods whilst flooring tiles or laying a driveway, a builder needs trousers that can house a knee pad to keep knees protected. The average size of a knee pad insert is around 22cm x 17cm, so make sure the compartment is larger than this size so it can fit in nicely in your builders work trousers

The Right Style and Cut

Our recommendation is to go for a straight leg which allows movement and mobility. Avoid baggy styles which can be a hazard when climbing ladders. Opt for trousers with a modern fit straight leg design that provide ample room for movement. Go for dark colours like charcoal and black with contrast detail. If you're looking for the visibility factor as well, then go for the trousers that have reflective tape at the calf area of the leg or simply wear with a hi vis hoodie, which will suffice.

Reinforced Stitching

Go for a work trouser with reinforced stitching, this strengthens the seems making them more robust and ready to withstand the rigors of everyday rough and tough builder use. Reinforced stitching also serves as a testament to your positive approach to sustainability, by extending the lifespan of work rousers which in turn will reduce the environmental footprint associated with frequent replacements through ripping pants which have weak seams at work sites. 

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